Coming back…

I have a new goal for 2014. I would say it’s a New Year’s Resolution but that wouldn’t be true. It’s taken me the entire month of January to define these new resolutions.

The thing is, I’m further away from who I want to be than I’ve ever been. Somewhere in my transition out of YWAM, I lost focus and the core of who I am and want to be. I mean, I have direction in the physical sense but the heartbeat behind who I am has been silent. In that area, God is working and I am moving forward.

Part of my game plan to “getting back” to where God wants me, involves more writing. I tend to shy away from writing because I want it to be flawless and irreproachable, even though it’s impossible. In addition to this, I realize that what I typically have to say is not deeply profound and therefore struggle with “publishing” it on a blog. Who cares, right?

Well, I’m challenging myself with writing on this blog at least three times per week. Hopefully I’ll have more discipline and luck than my previous 30 years of journaling!


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