School of Biblical Studies (SBS) Video!

We at YWAM Montana are blessed to have incredibly talented videographers among us – Josh and Emily Brooks have made several short films and if you click on the picture above or link below, you will find a short video about the School of Biblical Studies.  This particular film was majorly created by two students from last year, with the help of Josh and Emily.

The film has several of my students from this past year and gives a glimpse into the heart of SBS.  I hope this works and that you will better understand what you are investing in!  There are also several other videos on this page from Montana and different outreach locations (like Indonesia)…feel free to watch any and/or all of them!  There is a very cool video of the lightening we’ve had around here lately – he made the video in slow motion so you can see the lightening bolts. Very cool!

Blessings and love from Montana 🙂  Victoria


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