I am writing to you from my first day off this summer and I am SO THANKFUL. This summer has been very busy. The SBS (School of Biblical Studies) was finished on June, 25. There were airport runs that weekend followed by my summer class starting on June 28. My summer class (EQUIP) finished this past Friday. Our staff training for SBS 10-11 begins this Thursday.

Amidst that skeleton picture of my summer – there were several other exciting things that happened. I will attempt to give a short synopsis for each!

My dad visiting: My dad, for the first time ever, let go of the Newspaper Business reins for a week during the month of July. It took him two days driving from Ponca, Nebraska to Lakeside, Montana. We saw the sites within Glacier National Park, the beauty of Flathead Lake, and enjoyed the tastes of local restaurants. I greatly enjoyed his visit and hope to host him again in the future!

EQUIP:  EQUIP is a leadership training course designed to better equip DTS staff and leaders for discipling students.  My favorite week was with a speaker from Turkey. He introduced us to the affects of addictions, how to meet people where they’re at in this, and walk them out of these. The school was very worth the time of my summer vacation!

Three Days Off: And now for my three days off – My plan is to rest, read, and spring clean!  I hope you are all doing well and will talk to you soon! As always, I love to hear from you. Know you’re loved and prayed for in Montana!

Thank you for YOUR prayers and support. May God bless you and give you a daily revelation of His goodness!

Love, victoria


7 thoughts on “Summer!

  1. Hi Victoria!
    Just saw this link on FB and want to say that i miss you and that you are soo awesome =) Blessings on all your wonderful work!!
    miss you,

    • Wo Carol! 🙂

      Thanks for checking it out. I miss you too! How are you doing? How is married life? I got a chance to look at your wedding photos – you are as gorgeous as ever 🙂 Wo ai ni, Carol.
      Blessings friend,

  2. Victoria – the information on addictions sounds very interesting and HELPFUL. cool!

    How will your role change this year? will your financial needs be the same or different?

    Glad you had a nice visit with your dad. I’ll bet he enjoyed his time away.

    Staci Fethkenher

    • Hi Staci!
      My financial needs will remain the same! Thanks for asking. I would LOVE to talk with you about the addictions and the affects on children who come from difficult backgrounds, addictions, etc. Very interesting.

  3. Hi Victoria~

    How are you? Hope you got some rest and that your cup is over flowing again. 🙂
    This summer flew by and on to a new school year, I will be praying for you as you touch lives with your sweet spirit…Good to hear from you , hope we get to see you sometime soon…~Holly~

    • Hey Holly!
      Thanks for the refreshing prayers… I feel them! I am doing some spring cleaning today. A friend brought me a few sprigs of fresh lavender from her garden. My room smells so sweet!
      Were you able to join in any of the alumni festivities this past weekend? It was my 10 year and I was sad to miss it but I guess there will be more to come 🙂 Nifty 50s is just one of those times when you feel like you should be home. Maybe next year. I’m hoping to be home a bit longer than usual next summer. It would be really nice to get a cup of coffee with you.
      Thanks for the comment and encouragement Holly – it means so much! Love and prayers from Montana… victoria

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