Quick Update!

Hey All!

I know this is very short but I want to be better at communicating (even if it’s brief)!
Things are going well here… I am currently carrying out my position as a teacher here as well as stepping up into the role of ‘session leader’ for 2 weeks because Rachael (THE session leader) is teaching abroad in another School of Biblical School. Needless to say, I have been keeping very busy!

We had the gospel of Mark last week and have moved into the gospel of Luke this week. God is so faithful to challenge and encourage the students, staff, and myself through His word! There is always more revelation of His might, power, beauty and character to be seen.
I am reminded of James 4:8… “Draw near to God and he will draw near to you…” Now, in context, this portion of scripture is calling believers to pull away from worldliness and be sanctified in Christ… but there is also this promise that as we do that… as we seek His face and live lives according to who we know Him to be… He will draw near to us.. we will see MORE of who He is. AMEN!!

I hope you are all doing well… I think and pray for you all OFTEN.
If you think of it, I would appreciate prayers for my teaching of Philippians next Friday (Nov 6) as well as attempting to fill the shoes of our Session Leader as she is abroad. It’s such an honor to serve!

Be blessed as you fight amidst this world to draw near to God and trust in His promise to draw near to you!

Love, Victoria


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