Week 3 of SBS 2008-2009!

Well, it’s already been a couple weeks since my last update. I have come to the conclusion that life goes faster as it goes on!  I look outside to see the colored leaves and layer up when heading outside… how is it fall?!

Despite the weather turning cold, things are going really well here. The students have finished Philemon, Titus, and Ephesians…and at the present are studying Galatians – Freedom in Christ!  What a good book.

We have 11 international students this year and 40 from North America, making a total of 51! It’s the largest SBS we’ve ever run in Montana, which is really exciting.  Two weekends ago, we were able to head up to Glacier National Park for the day – less than an hour from YWAM. It was an optional trip but most of the students decided to attend.  Glacier is one of the most beautiful places in North America but most of the park will not be accessible until June now!  We had to get the trip in quickly. (Hopefully the internet will be fast enough for me to upload a couple pictures! 🙂  

That’s pretty much the gist of what’s been going on here – teaching students how to study with the inductive method (I taught during Titus), grading, being a dorm mom, and road trippin’ to Glacier.  

I trust you are all doing well. Please keep me updated with prayer requests on your end – I love that!!! It spans the miles to bring us closer!  Prayer requests from here would be:  

– Students: help in continuing to understand how to do their work and also against sickness in the dorm!

– Myself:  Please pray for my teaching preparation. I have about a month to prepare but there is a lot to pull together!

Thanks again for praying you guys!! Blessings, victoria


Okay… the internet is really slow and therefore my pictures are NOT uploading. I will try to add them later – just pretend I’m in a foreign country where slow internet is normal (like Nebraska). 🙂


One thought on “Week 3 of SBS 2008-2009!

  1. Hey Victoria, thanks for the update. As our internet is so slow, I was wondering when we would hear from you. hehehe. We are celebrating birthdays this month here and wishing you were here. Check your mail.

    Hugs and Prayers,

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