Staff Retreating and Ruthless Trust…oooh!

Hello again 🙂

I think it has been about 2 weeks since my last blog and I apologize about that, but I am getting better right?!  I’m sitting in my room preparing to hit the sack. Somehow I woke up with a sore throat, runny nose, sneeze, and nasal headache.  Praise God for a neighbor who gave me some cold and sinus medicine for the night!  🙂  However, I would appreciate any prayers for good health you could spare!

So…what has been going on?  Well, we had an SBS staff retreat from August 22-24, then had our all-base staff retreat from the 25-28.  It was a lot of retreating and very good.  Basically, we had several speakers, fellowship and a break from our daily routines. It was a challenging week as well as encouraging – encouraging to get back to the basics and to really build one another up as a community here in YWAM.

Back to the Basics:  A quick synopsis of this would be… that it’s important to move past the milk (as Paul says), to not be ignorant, to grow… but also not forget the basics of pure faith.  Remember back when you would try to have a quiet time in your earlier days perhaps?  – I would sit down and say, “Okay God. Open to the page you want me to read…” At that point I would flip the Bible pages and stick my finger in at some random point.  From there, I would read whatever it was and take whatever it was out of context in order to apply it to my current situation in life.  HA!  Maybe some of us still do this from time to time 🙂  Anyway… the point is that while that was taking the Bible out of context most of the time (gasp!), we believed God’s word was living and that God would speak!!  So contrast that with how we mature Christians go about reading the word… us with our inductive method, carefully taking into account the historical background, looking at the original reader’s point of view, etc… sometimes we (and myself to be clear) get into the mindset where we only read the book in which we’re studying or perhaps it’s like pulling teeth to make ourselves read the Bible.  Relate??  One of the phrases I heard during the weekend and which stuck in my mind was, “Where’s the simplicity in our relationship with God?  Get back to a place where we love to meet with and pray to God.”

Ruthless Trust:  And another random bit of “newness” from life is a book I’ve begun reading. I’m only in chapter 3 now (just started!) It’s called “Ruthless Truth” by Brennan Manning.  So far it’s very good. One quote I remember off the top of my head is “You have not said in your heart ‘I believe in God’ until you say ‘I trust God.'”  Chapters 1-2 basically speak on the importance of trusting God and thankfulness.  There is a story of Mother Theresa telling a young man to let go of praying for clarity because he wants to cling to clarity rather than trusting God with the unknown.  Very challenging!  I better not attempt to keep explaining it or you will not have a reason to read it!  SO – check your local library for this good read!!  (or maybe ask them to get it?? …I’m sure Beth Folks would know, ha!)

I hope this finds you all well. Please let me know if you have any prayer requests.  At the moment I’m praying for a few individual friends as well as my church 🙂 Thank you all for your prayers and support. It is GREATLY appreciated.

Love to you!!  And please see the front cover of “Ruthless Trust” by Brennan Manning below.


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