Back in Montana!

Hello all!

Well, this site is OVERDUE for another update from me. I keep saying I’m going to do better and hopefully I WILL get better!!

Now, on with the update… I am back in Lakeside, Montana preparing for another school of Biblical studies (SBS) after a very nice time at home in Nebraska, from July 3-28. I had the opportunity to check my email once while at home… I just chalk it up to rural life 🙂 I LOVE Nebraska!! I love the people, I love the land, I love the culture, I love everything. It was a good time. Part of my time was spent in Ponca, where I grew up, with my church family. They were gracious enough to let me give the message that Sunday. They give me more support than I know what to do with – so THANK YOU Ponca family and friends!!

I also got to spend some time in the Fremont/Omaha area with some of my friends from college, which was refreshing as well.

The rest of my time was spent in western Nebraska with my family. We spent much time preparing for my grandpa’s estate auction. It was a lot of work but also brought many good memories from my grandparents and family. One question the time has caused me to ponder is what my legacy is to be. My grandpa passed away last November and somehow I was also given the honor of speaking during the service. He is one of the most amazing and honorable men I have ever known or met. He was the same every day of his whole life – he served people beyond what they ever asked and never wanted to be highly esteemed. He just served, loved, and lived a righteous life. And EVERYONE attests to that.

Again, back to my beginning question – What will my legacy be? What will people say? And what does God see in me?? A couple quotes from my DTS were “Dying for Christ is the period at the end of pages and pages of LIVING for Christ.” (Jeremy West) … and what if I died today? What would my legacy be? Would I be proud of all the “middle sentences”? I know we all have these times when we refresh this question in our lives, but I think that’s good!!

So, that’s my question to you as you head off for your day or head to bed. What do you want your legacy to be?  And what does that look like for today? What does it mean for tomorrow?

God, give us the grace, power, and heart to follow you with reckless abandonment each day. Be glorified and lead us. Thanks for the chance to live our lives as a part of your story… a story bigger than ourselves.  Amen.

Well, keep in touch and I’ll do the same!


PS: Stay tuned for a short, home video within a month or two!


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