Thank you Mike and Amy!

Well, I am a little late in my blog thanks but I wanted to take a moment to shout out a special thanks to Mike and Amy – two of my supporters. I did my dts with Mike, where we spent time in China. He’s like a brother to me!  I met his now-bride Amy for the first time during Thanksgiving in Kona, when she flew down to spend the holiday with Mike. I fell in love with her there…and got to know her through Mike’s never-ceasing discussion of her throughout dts 🙂

Anyway, they called me the second week in January asking if I was busy the weekend of the 18th. I said ‘no.’  They in-turn told me they would pay for me to fly down to southern California (including DISNEYLAND tickets) the next weekend if I could. (I think that was a RHETORICAL QUESTION!)  So…the week after teaching 2 Peter and Jude, I got to take a mini-vacation in so-cal, going to Disneyland, the Bodies Exhibition, icecream, Mexican food, Thai food, Mongolian food (it was vacation – of COURSE we ate a lot!), driving along the coast, picking oranges off the tree in the morning for breakfast (!), and of course spending time with two of my favorite people in the world (and their families).

So THANK YOU Mike and Amy for your priceless friendship, support, love, and generosity. I was blessed beyond words and am still riding off it! 🙂

Love you both!


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