Back to the Books Again!

Hello again,

Well, much has happened (again) since last writing. Two weeks ago (Sept. 21) I received a call from my aunt that my mom was going to have open-heart surgery early the next morning. She’d had a heart cath that day and they planned to do a 5-artery bypass. I talked to the director of our school here and he gave me the go-ahead. My teaching and grading would be covered for however long I needed to be gone. Also, a friend on staff with me, Katherine, came with me. It was good to have the company on the trip back and forth!!

Her surgery went well despite a few scares afterward and is now recouping in Kearney, Nebraska. She stayed a little over a week with my aunt and uncle and that was really good for her. My aunt had gone through the same surgery last March so she knew what my mom was going through.

As for things back in Montana, I got back last Friday night, things are extremely busy. I am grading, helping the students better understand the inductive method, and preparing to teach again in a couple weeks. The students are amazing and picking things up fairly quickly for the most part. I’m excited to see how God teaches and leads them through this school. It seems many of them have huge vision for where they want to go after school. They are definitely world-changers!!

Finally, I would like to thank those in my church and supporters for praying for my mom as well as the extra financial support sent to help with travel costs to and from Nebraska. THANK YOU. It meant the world to my mom for me to be with her. OH! And a supporter and really good friend, Mike, talked to his brother-in-law about the fact that I didn’t have a camera to put pictures up on my web-blog. I received a camera in the mail last week!! So you can expect to see pictures shortly thanks to these guys! Thank you!!

I hope this finds you all well and blessed. Talk to you all again soon! Love, Victoria


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