First Week of Class!

Hello again from Montana!

First of all, let me apologize for the lack of communication in the last couple weeks. I have now finished staff training and started the second day of class! It has been a very busy time. I have learned a lot, read a lot, and met a lot of new people. This new class is very exciting – one word “extroverts.” There is so much passion and vision within this group!

So what are we doing this week? We are beginning our seminar of teaching the Inductive Approach of studying the Bible. For those back in Ponca who attended the seminar let us review. What were the three steps??




Answer: Observation, Interpretation, and Application. Good job to those who answered correctly! ☺

So yes, we’re teaching the “method” this week with the book of Philemon. Needless to say, these first 3 weeks are very intense for the students. They are learning to lay aside their “cultural glasses” with which they have always read their bibles and attempt to look through the “glasses” of the Original Readers of the Bible. There are many new things they’re trying to learn atop of much reading and work. Please pray for them as they’re embarking on this nine month journey.

As I close, I want you all to keep me accountable with an issue. I want to keep up on this blog so you can keep up with me (and visa versa). If it’s been over a week please feel free to email or leave a comment to remind me!!  Hopefully that won’t be the case!

Thank you for taking the time to check up on what’s happening here! THANK YOU.

And thank you to those of you who have supported me with financial and/or prayer support. I will close with some prayer requests.

Prayer Requests;
1.    The students as they are beginning this very intense and challenging school.
2.    Me and other staff as we’re studying and preparing for our teachings! Pray for our understanding of God’s Word, what He has for the students, and how to present it.
3.    Wisdom as I am working out a budget for this new position in life!

Email me if you have any prayer requests as well. I hope this finds you all doing well and having a great week. I want to give a shout out to my nephew Owen who turns FIVE today!!! Blessings on your day.



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