Staff Training

Hey all!

Staff training started this past Monday and I now have one week under my belt. This first week was for first year SBS staff only. We discussed grading, teaching, presentation, how to study before our teachings, vision for the year, and various other topics. I am very excited for the students to arrive and for the school to begin.

This next week we will be having a week with the Masuccis, who led the SBS here for years. They will pass on some important teaching resources (ie. Church history, etc) as well as encouraging us as staff.

Before I mention prayer requests, I’ll tell you quickly what happened to me last night as I was sitting at my computer. I was typing away when all of the sudden I saw something gray move out of the corner of my mind. As I turned my head to the right I gave out a gasp – there was a mouse heading right for me, cautiously. As I gasped, he too became frightened and backed-up to take shelter under my bed. He stood beneath my bed looking right at me. Then he was gone. Now, last winter, I lived across the hall and we battled with the mice. I have two sweaters he chewed right through (I’ve learned not to put my clothes on a short shelf this year).
After deciding it was too late to wake up any of the boys to fish it out from underneath my bed, I continued working at my computer with a big box of envelopes close at my side – in case I needed something to throw, of course. Again, I saw him move. Despite the fact that I knew he could reappear, it didn’t help me to cease from gasping – I gasped again. And again, it scared him. He stood there with his little eyes and disappeared again. I didn’t see him the rest of the night.
Monday morning I’ll make a trip to the maintenance office and get some traps – sorry for those of you who think I should merely catch and release the mouse outside. However if it makes any difference, we tried that last year but they continued to reappear.

I hope that story finds you laughing at how ridiculous I looked last night gasping at a tiny mouse and preparing to throw a box of envelopes if he posed me any danger. 🙂 Please email and keep in-touch as time allows.

Prayer Requests:
1. We have several students from nations abroad who are waiting for their visas to be approved. This is something that is becoming more and more difficult. Please pray for our students abroad to have grace with the right people in high places!!

2. I will begin studying for 1 Thessalonians, which I will teach in October. Please pray for me as I study – for revelation and for what God wants the students to receive from the book.

3. Students as they prepare to come for this intense school and for the staff as we prepare to lead them!

4. Prayer for the continued dying down of the wildfires. There was a point where we couldn’t even see the top of the mountain on which we live…it’s beginning to smell less like a campfire – praise the Lord!

Thank you for your prayers and support.



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